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. >> good morning we're working on several developing stories on this friday july 11. two men shot in a hail of gunfire, one is dead, the other fighting for his life. we have the details. >> the violence in the mid east strikes close to home for some families, they plan on taking action today in center city. details in a live report. >> labron watch continues for another day, the decision to holds fan enthrall as the my am me heat star ponders where he'll
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take his talents next. good morning, 4:30, friday, let's talk about the accuweather forecast with meteorologist david murphy. >> drying out today. >> reporter: yeah pretty much. we'll have cloud cover and sun breaking through today. there's a chance of pop-up shower this afternoon, or, perhaps, a thunderstorm south of philadelphia, but today won't be a washout by any means. 6 # in allentown, 69 in he sea isle city. 72 in philadelphia. perhaps a tad humid, but not a bad one. as you head out the door, 77 by 9:00 a.m., 84 by noon, accuweather says our high of 87 hits around 3:00 p.m. phillies game tonight, the union game tomorrow night we have the whole weekend call bundledded --
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bundled up and ready to roll. >> a gunman opened fire on bicycle leaving one dead and another fighting for his life. a 37-year-old man and 21-year-old man was shot two times, one died. detectives are questioning several witnesses and reviewing private surveillance in the area. >> the violence in the middle east is getting worse, israel continues it's bombardment of the gaza strip. the u.s. is hoping for a cease-fire, but neither the israeli or the palestinians are ready for a peace talk. >> reporter: people around the world are watching this escalate including in philadelphia, for some families in our area, this
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violence is striking close to home. naomi's daughter is on a five week trip to israel it's program to promote peace in the region. >> she is a passionate young women i'm extremely proud of her, she has taking strong leadership roles and walking the walk not talking the talk. >> reporter: for a 4th day, israel has pressed on with the gaza offensive, kept up rocket attacks deep into israel. she is supportive of her daughter, but on edge after many rushed to shelters. >> she told me i'm so freaked out coming out of a bomb
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shelter. >> reporter: jarid was there. >> there was a lot more people panicking and that was a lot more intense and scarier, there's all these people rushing trying to cram into this little room. >> reporter: back here live at 19th and jfk, it is quiet, but an israel solidarity rally is scheduled for today to begin at noon. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> gunfire erupted in the city park in the germantown section of the city. the action cam was at vernon park at 10:00 p.m. someone opened fire hitting a woman in the face. shell casingses were discovered in the park and blood stains on the sidewalk. the victim is in critical
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condition. no word on an arrest or motive for the shooting. philadelphia police are questioning a man in connection with a possible sexual assault in the spring garden section of the city. the woman was attacked at 16th and callowhill street. the woman said around 7:00 p.m., a man pulled her behind a bush and touched her inappropriately. so far no charges have been filed. the woman was taken to hanheman hospital for evaluation. >> the family and friends of a missing mother of three in delaware are pleading for someone, anyone to provide information on the person who forced a woman into a car 12 days ago, those closest to nefertiri trader prayed for her on the front yard of her new castle home last night. trader was last seen at about
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4:30 a.m. on june 30th. a witness said someone forced her into her own car and drove off. the car is a 2000 act cure where a with the delaware tag 404893. there have been no activities on her cell phone or credit card. a former philadelphia day care owner was charged in connection with the drowning of a boy admits she obtained her license illegally. she never should have been running a day care because she has a criminal record. she received a million dollars in federal subsidies. the boy drown while in the care of her facility. he had wards was charged with unvoluntary manslaughter. more employees in the philadelphia school district will get pink slips today. the first round of layoff
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notices went out yesterday. 340 workers will lose their jobs special classroom assist ands and noontime aids. this round of cuts does not include teachers and they are not related to the stalled cigarette tax bill. superintendent william hite said if lawmakers do not pass the tax by august 15th, 1300 people will be laid off. >> time for a look at business. first up we're talking about cars made by volkswagen. the sales to the golf and gti are not off to a great start. the front stabilizers could come loose and that could increase the risk of a crash. amazon is asking the federal government to okay broader testing of the zippy aircraft. amazon said the drones can travel sten miles and carry up
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to five pounds. stocks ended in the red yesterday after bad economic news out of europe, but they are in for a higher opening today. now here's an interesting one, would you stand on a flight this is how we usually fly if it meant a cheaper ticket. the virtuical passenger seat or standing cabin, they say they could be the next big cost safer in aviation. a new study shows you could pack in 21% more passengers on planes. it could slash prices by almost half. matt would you try it. >> how long is the flight, tam? >> reporter: that's a good question. >> if year going to the pacific, no way. peco expects to have all customers back online who lost power from the storms. the thunderstorms resulted in 260,000 outages with the
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majority in chester, bucks and chester montgomery county. peco is making repairs around the clock and 98% of the customers who lost electricity had their power restored within 36 hours. 4:39. suing the president, house speaker john boehner outlinedded outlinedded -- outlined his strategy for filing a lawsuit against the president. >> reporter: a man robs a store with a machete. >> reporter: we'll have showers in a couple of spots, and we'll talk about the weekend call from accuweather coming up.
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>> well, david, i would like for it to be less wet today. >> can he have what he wants. >> reporter: it was pouring rain yesterday at the shore and then we had more problems north and west of philly last night. looks like it's not as wet. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry, which is good. as we take a look outside, we have sky 65 pretty picture of penns landing this morning. might feel a little bit sticky to you, but scu head out the -- as you head out the door in the early morning hours it will feel pretty good. most spots are in the 60s.
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the winds are light at 3 miles per hour. satellite and radar is showing you that the this afternoon there's a chance of pop-up shower and rumble of thunder mainly south of philadelphia and south jersey and parts of delaware. it's not going to last lock and it won't be a big deal. most of you won't see particularly the farther north you are of the region. you might encounter that in parts of south jersey later on today. 75 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 82 by 11:00 a.m. 86 by 2:00 p.m. it will be warm with a high of 87 around 3. a tad humid not too bad, similar to yesterday. 84 degrees at 5:00 p.m. as we take a look at highs across the region. him in the lehigh valley, warm, 85. musikfest is coming up next month starting to see the commercials for that, always fun. 79 in cape may, 82 in atlantic
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city. a little bit cooler down the shore, as usual. phillies swept the brewers four games. best team in the national league. unbelievable. 73 degrees in the 9th inning they scored 9 runs. hopefully we get a repeat of that down the ballpark. the poconos forecast. this will take a while to roll out, but we're looking at a nice day today up there, a sun and clouds kind of mix across the region and we'll skip ahead and the weekend looks okay, until you get until sunday when there's the chance of thunderstorms. 87 degrees is the high, nice and warm out there across the region. just a slight chance of afternoon shower or rumble of thunder south of philadelphia partly sunny on saturday, 86 degrees. ppl park i'll be down there, say
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yo. sunday, the humidity starts to creep back looks like we'll get up to 90 for a high. monday, hot and humid, 92 for a high. there's a chance of strong gusty thunderstorms on monday, in fact a couple of of the storms on sunday might be on the strongdz, too, that's -- strong side, too. that's something to keep in mind. tuesday, warm and humid, and then it goes down below normal. >> a brazen bandit robbed a store with a machete. jacksonville police say the suspect tried to open the cigarette case, but was unsuccessful. he stole cigarette lighters and under ware and t-shirts and cash. nobody has been adler for this crime. and there are chilling details in the killing spree near houston. the murder suspect is due in court today. he had a long and dangerous history of violence with attacks
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on his ex-wife and mother. >> reporter: in the houston suburb of spring, texas neighbors are struggling to copy in the aftermath of a murderous may home that left 6 people dead in one family. today this man, 33-year-old ron lee hoivelg is charged -- haskell is charged with murder for the 6 family members. the chaos began after dinnertime wednesday. coulter documents say he knocked on the door dressed as a partial delivery man dplngd the whereabouts of his -- demanding the whereabouts of his estranged wife. he tide up several children and tied them up, too, eventually shooting them execution style. one survivor, 15-year-old
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cassidy managed to call 911 despite being shot in the head. haskell fled and police took up the chase. haskell gave up at 10:00 p.m. as for cassidy a full recovery is expected. >> i talked to her on the phone at the hospital. i said i'm so sorry everything happened. >> reporter: they say that cassidy is expected to fully recover. >> house republicans have taken the first steps in suing president obama over the administration delay of a crucial peels of the healthcare law. the house rulings committee made
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a motion that would set the lawsuit in motion. the employer mandate is designed to keep from shifting workers into taxpayer subsidies. the president called the lawsuit a republican stunt. >> it is 4:48 a new set back in the fight against hiv. doctors made an unsettling discovery when checking on a baby who they hoped would be cured of the infection. >> a woman becomes terrified when she sees what caused the car to breakdown. details later on "action news." >> don't forget you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime you need them with our
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>> welcome back let's take a live look at your traffic issues. first up, north wales 309 approaching welsh road. a crash in the southbound lane. all the lanes are open between montgomeryville and flower town. 202 and the schuylkill expressway construction crews are gone after doing patching. there's no problems with 202,
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42, or 46476. >> reporter: it's friday, friday is the busiest day for flights. we have the state of minnesota up here on the flight explorer program on the big board. thundershowers are moving across the area. this will be one of the trouble spots. look at the national picture, you get a sense there's a lot of flights over the skies right now, more so than typically at 4:52 in the morning. 1447 flights over the lower 48 that's a lot. busy day today. let's talk about where you could see travel elated delays. up and down the east coast, chance of thundershowers, mostly in florida that would be the spot to watch. also atlanta in our backyard. in the midwest, minneapolis, we mentioned that. chicago channels of thundershowers, detroit looks good, we like detroit today.
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houston getting thundershowers today. you notice we do not have dallas fort worth posted. dpals looks good. -- dallas looks good. denver could see thundershowers later today as well as phoenix. early on if you're flying to phoenix and denver, thinks should be a-okay. robbers got away empty handed trying to hold up a pharmaceutical guy. surveillance video those a car had been following the delivery truck filled with narcotics and other drugs before the robbery attempt. police think the suspects have been casing the pharmacy and knew the drug deliver truck's routine. a little girl was born with hiv positive. she was treated and showed no
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signs of the virus for four years. experts say the case shows progress, though and the fight against hiv. 4:54 on the clock. all new in the next half-hour of "action news." the three vehicle crash that left two people hurt and being blamed on a toy gun. an internal phenomena is emerging about an rather
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if he were a lobbyist... if they were political contributors... maybe tom corbett would listen to them, instead of cutting funding for their schools. oil and gas companies gave corbett 1.7 million dollars in political contributions. and he gave them a sweetheart deal on taxes that's costing pennsylvania billions. corbett's mismanagement has caused a huge budget deficit.
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and his painful education cuts are forcing teacher layoffs and increasing class sizes. now corbett wants to give the oil and gas industry even more handouts. and what's he getting from them? corbett's keeping that secret. so pennsylvanians are challenging tom corbett to come clean. release the records of your meetings with donors... that you've been hiding. disclose all the contributions, letters and emails from oil and gas lobbyists who influence you. we've got a right to know who tom corbett's listening to. because it sure isn't us. >> new on "action news," a new mexico woman found at that
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20-pound 6-foot long boa constrictor in her engine department. when she openedment hood she found -- opened the hood she found the snake wrapped around the engine. it is believed it is someone's pet. fans surrounded labron james' home waiting word on decision 2.0. for weeks the riewrmts have been flying -- rumors have been flying, labron will take a pay cut or go home to cleveland where his career began. it was almost four years ago when labron made the decision to take his talents to south beach to join the miami heat. move over, fine fella jeremy meeks. social media has someone on the
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right side of the law to love known as the hot cop. he was guarding a construction zone in the castro district. the facebook page created two weeks ago getting 20,000 likes. >> getting recognition for the right reasons. >> police are on the hunt for a man who beat someone to death outside his home in north philadelphia. >> police come
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>> good morning, 5:00 a.m. on this friday july 11. we have news you did not see last night. >> an attacker savagely beats a man to death outside his philadelphia home, now the search is on for his killer. >> the fight between israel and hamas grows violent and the turmoil strikes close to home. >> a

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